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At PROOF Coffee Roasters, we drink, wear, use, and consume every single product we make and sell, so when we say we stand behind our brand's quality, consistency, and integrity, you have PROOF that we mean it.

In an extremely unlikely event in which you encounter a rare abnormality or anomaly with one of our products, our goals are twofold:

1). Make things right with you immediately, including replacement, refund, adjustment, or compensation, barter, or adjustment of whatever sort necessary in order to make sure you're sorted out and on good footing.


2). Identify, understand, and remedy the issue on a 'larger' scale, to do our best to assure that whatever occurred does not happen again to anyone else.

In the spirit of this good faith guarantee, if you do experience a rare issue of any sort with any product, we kindly ask that you collaborate with us to empower us to identify, understand, and remedy the issue at hand so we can keep it from potentially happening again to you or to another customer.  This collaboration might include taking photos of the product and anomaly, describing in detail what occurred or how it occurred, sending the product back to us for review and investigation (at our expense, of course), among other potential helpful requests.

The above we graciously ask of you -- a member of our PROOF Family so to speak -- and by purchasing PROOF we ask that you agree to be a living, breathing part of our PROOF Guarantee in this respect, so that we can continue to create and provide the highest quality, most consistently amazing products we can passionately produce.