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"The Schist" Espresso (100% Cert. Organic) - Signature Series

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The Schist Espresso - 12 oz

Caramel, cocoa, and sweet syrup notes.
Beautiful juxtaposition of boldness and brightness.
Flawlessly balanced, delectably smooth flavor.

Origin: South American & Central America

Altitude: 900-1300 MASL

Process: Natural, Semi-Washed

100% Certified Organic.

Kosher Certified.

5% to charity.


PROOF Coffee Roasters' PROOF Signature Series
PROOF Signature Blends are our ultra specialty crafted Coffees, Espresso, and Cold Brew blends that embody the very essence of our brand.  While these beans are more expensive for us to acquire, they are the basis of our caffeine arsenal, crafted with love for you right here in Brooklyn, New York, and delivered quickly to your door (and tastebuds).